Middle Back Thickness

Middle Back Thickness

Not only should the lats be wide and sweeping, but they should

look thick and powerful where they come together in the middle

Middle Back Thickness


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There are many body-muscles.com bodybuilders who have wide backs with

sweeping lats but who fail to look their best in back poses because the center of the back lacks that strong, thick look that a

really great bodybuilder has to have.

When you look at Casey Viator, for example, you are immediately struck by the solid thickness of his back muscles.

Anderson Silva Plans to be Back Next Year and Fight for Five More Years

At the

1982 Olympia in London, Casey’s back showed thickness and

striations all the way down even when he was standing relaxed.

Roy Callender is another bodybuilder who has trained his back

properly and created a solid body-muscles.com middle back structure.


The back can be posed in a

Middle Back

number of different ways, but

as yon can see, total back

development is necessary to

ma1w each one effective.

Serge Nubret, Franco, and I

all show thicl< upper and

lower back deFe10pment , lots

of lot width, and good

m uscu1 ari ty.

Thickness in the back is achieved primarily by doing rowing

exercises-Barbell Rows, Cable Rows, T-Bar Rows, and so forth.

However, if you want to target the middle back, do rowing that

gives you a longer range of motion so that you can fully contract

that area-Cable Rows with separate cables or a wide grip, OneArm Rows, or Barbell Rows with a wider grip.

Lower Back

Many top bodybuilders have a great upper back but have never

Back Thickness

developed the ]ower back to the degree that they should.

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