15 best games of the Middle Ages and the Knights

September 8, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S – a younger version of next-generation consoles. The company says that, despite the reduced capacity, it will retain all the key features of Xbox Series X at significantly lower cost. About the reasons to think about buying a console from Microsoft, we talked earlier – it’s time to talk about the games that will be available on PlayStation 5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 See The words are superfluous. Return, perhaps the most iconic shooter post-Soviet space. GSC Game World are holding most of the information about the project in secret, shedding light on some of its elements, and generating a lot of fan theories. The authors have already promise that two identical passages in the game will not be due to the changing world, and the decisions of users will lead to several possible outcomes. The studio has positioned the game as a mixture of the FPS, and immersive simulation of atmospheric horror and promises one of the largest open world in the post-apocalyptic setting of among the existing ones. release date in the sequel yet, but it is known that immediately after the release of the game will be in a temporary exclusive Xbox Game Pass. Avowed See new RPG from Obsidian Studios. In place of the isometric perspective come first-person view, but the adventures will again take place in the world Eora, scene Novels Pillars of Eternity. Official information about the game a little, but insiders say that it will be a great and detailed open world with many different activities and attractions, and the plot will focus on the fight against tyranny. Particular emphasis will be placed on Avowed artificial intelligence: gamers will encounter many different factions and can take companions. In addition, according to rumors, it will be huge bosses, and the gods will occupy an important place in the game. Avowed release is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2022. CrossfireX watch popular multiplayer shooter does not only appear on the Xbox, but will get a story campaign. Noteworthy is the fact that the script is responsible for Remedy Entertainment, gave the world Max Payne, Alan Wake and Control. In single-player mode, players will be faced with a private military corporation that threatens the world. Judging by the first trailer, gamers waiting for a dynamic shooter with cinematic inserts, and to the usual types of weapons will add a futuristic outfit samples like stealth camouflage. Network operation with the already available to users of Xbox One with a subscription Xbox Live, and the single player campaign will be released as part of Xbox Game Pass near the end of 2020. Fable See revival of the legendary series of role-playing games. The new part is soft reset, but retain all that, for what the fans liked the previous games: magic, swords and variety of passing and British humor in there, as the authors claim. More about the project at the moment is not enough: the development has been Playground Games, responsible for Forza Horizon, and the head of marketing Xbox Games confident that the series is in good hands. Alas, not even a reboot approximate release date, but the game will be a temporary exclusive Xbox Series X. Forza Motorsport View Another restart for the new console, this time – racing simulator. Formally, the eighth game in the series will present the familiar gameplay enhancements with a new generation of consoles: the developers promise a realistic shadows and reflections, enhanced detail of trails and a stable 60 frames per second at a resolution of 4K. In addition, the promise and advanced physical model. In particular, the game will take into account the tire pressure, a dynamic tracks temperature and atmospheric pressure system that will affect the aerodynamics of the car. Exit – at the beginning of 2021. Halo Infinite Watch One of the main shooters Microsoft should have been released simultaneously with the release of Xbox Series X, but were forced to linger. Nevertheless, the development is in full swing: the authors promise to show a new adventure Master Chifa, which will be not only the most epic, but also “more human” than before. Early gameplay was adopted players cool and became an occasion for jokes, but 343 Industries reacted to the criticism seriously and promises that the sixth part of the game series will not disappoint either newcomers or longtime fans of the franchise. Halo Infinite output will be held in 2021, the exact date is currently unknown. Psychonauts 2 See Return psychedelic action-platformer from Double Fine Games. Players will once again take over Razputinym control and go on an adventure on the back streets of the mind different beings. The ultimate goal – to find a spy in the ranks psychonauts and prevent Maliguly revival evil psychopath killer. Corporate humor iconic game designer Tim Schafer, who created the Full Throttle and The Secret of Monkey Island, in stock, and the deal with Microsoft has helped studios realize all originally conceived ideas. Psychonauts 2 will be released in 2021, the exact date yet Double Fine is not ready to talk. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II See Continuing adventures of Celtic warriors suffering from mental disorders, which she herself takes over the curse. The sequel, apparently, tell an entirely new story of the heroine: to replace the journey to the afterlife came pagan rituals and dense fighting skirmishes with opponents. What exactly will the game remains a mystery: the developers have told only what they want to investigate how the madness and suffering can form religion and mythology. It is known that Hellblade II will be one of the first titles created on the Unreal Engine 5. The game does not even approximate release date, but many suggest that it is unlikely to happen before 2022. Scorn Watch Legendary shooter-term construction, the main feature of which is the unique style of biopunk borrowed from the creator of “Alien” by Hans Rudi Giger and Polish painter Zdzislaw Beksinski. For the first time the project became known in 2013, but for various reasons out again and again postponed. The player will assume the role of a mysterious creature living in biomechanical world. Head of development Lubomir Peklar when creating the external appearance of the game was based on the many health benefits, deliberately bringing the organic material to the grotesque: an important goal he sets evoke a sense of rejection of the players. Remembering the old mistakes, developers do not call even the approximate date of release. The Medium See new project from the creators of the Observer and Layers of Fear, who managed to make a name for himself among horror fans. The Medium will be the psychological horror, the center of which would be a medium-girl Marianne. She is able to move between our reality and the realm of the dead. One of the important pieces of the game developers call simultaneously render parallel worlds: users will be able to navigate a course between realities to uncover the tragedy of an abandoned boarding house many years ago. The soundtrack of the spirit world to write the legendary Akira Yamaoka, best known as the composer of the Silent Hill series. The Medium will be released towards the end of 2020. https://ballparkme.com/navi-needs-changes-again-the-current-roster-has-no/

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