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Real Help. Real Advice.

  • Get help for any type of injury case
  • Get the medical care and the legal help you need today
  • This is a 100% FREE service

Your only 1 call away from help!

Car accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and death in this country. Many people’s lives are changed in an instant when they’re injured in a wreck. From loss of income and dealing with the pain, a car wreck can drastically change your life. If you were injured in a preventable car crash, you could be eligible for compensation from the at-fault driver. (paragraph) Personal injury laws can be difficult to understand, and filing a personal injury claim isn’t easy and working with a personal injury attorney will protect your rights, recover any expenses from medical bills, help you get paid for any time away from work and get you compensation for your pain and suffering. In addition, getting the medical care you need to fully recover from your injuries is very important. Working with the right doctors is vital to your case. Many doctors are simply not trained to treat injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision. Also, many doctors do not document your case well enough to assist your case with your attorney.

Why Call HURT611 ?

At HURT611, we only work with the top attorneys in your area and we only work with the most qualified medical providers who are specifically trained to treat and document injuries sustained in a car wreck. At HURT611 we understand that your finances might be running low and that’s why we only refer you to attorney’s who do not charge you ANYTHING unless they settle the case for you. That’s right…you pay nothing to the attorney if they don’t settle your case and put money in your pocket! As you may have already found out, many doctors will not accept you as a patient if you have a personal injury case and have been injured in a car wreck. Of those that do, they will charge you for their medical services. At HURT611, we ONLY refer you to the best medical providers AND the ones that will work with your case and your attorney. They will treat you with NO MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKET! Our medical providers will bill your auto insurance and then work with your attorney until your case is settled!


Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Wreck For minor car wrecks, it’s not usually a problem to file a claim with the insurance company to recover your losses. Your damages will likely be low-minor damage to your vehicle and some small medical bills. But, if you have been involved in a serious accident, the damages and expenses will skyrocket.


You should understand that insurance companies are for-profit organizations, which means they have procedures in place meant to reduce their financial losses. That absolutely includes cheating you out of fair compensation for your injuries. Your crash and damages are not personal for them. They have no sympathy when it comes to your suffering.


Your attorney can take their calls and negotiate a fair settlement so they won’t be able to cheat you out of the compensation you need and deserve for your suffering. Don’t accept a settlement offer from an insurance company without discussing it with an attorney.

Injuries Associated with Car Wrecks

Injuries can impact you for the rest of your life. In fact, it has been well researched that even minor rear end collisions can cause permanent damage to your spine. They can greatly change your quality of life, leaving you with crippling pain or limited mobility. Some serious injuries can make it difficult or impossible for you to work, or you may have permanent scars that affect your self-confidence. Most injures can start the process of joint degeneration causing the onset of arthritis and chronic pain. This is why it is important to ALWAYS get evaluated by a qualified medical provider.

  • Spine, back, and neck injuries
  • Brain injuries (MTBI)
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Dismemberment and amputation
  • Severe burns
  • Permanent scarring

Fair Compensation for Your Auto Collision

After an accident, you’re suffering physically and emotionally from the experience, and all you really want is to not have to suffer financially for it, as well. If a reckless or negligent driver injured you, you shouldn’t have to pay for your injuries.


You’re not looking for some get-rich-quick scheme, although the insurance companies will treat you like you are. You don’t deserve to be treated that way. All you want is to be fairly compensated for your suffering and your losses, and you deserve to receive that compensation. Your attorney from HURT611 will help make sure you get it.


Listed below are some of the losses you might suffer in a serious car accident, many of which people don’t often consider without a lawyer’s guidance:

  • Lost or damaged property
  • Medical expenses, including hospital bills, medications, physical therapy, and future medical expenses related to your injuries Your pain and suffering
  • The mental anguish your accident caused you
  • Mental health treatment
  • Lost wages, including lost future earning potential
  • Care giving and transportation services
  • Reductions to your quality of life
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